Connecting Israel to
a Better Future

Bezeq Group ESG Report 2022

Main points

Bezeq Group Vision

As part of our vision of connecting Israel to a better future, every single one of the companies within the Group invests heavily in strengthening the social fabric, advancing the geographical and social periphery, and works towards creating the conditions for digital equality.”

Gil Sharon, Chairman

Connecting all of Israel

by deploying fiber optic and 5G infrastructure,
and providing advanced communication and content services

Through the ESG strategy at Bezeq Group, we aspire to promote Israel by providing advanced communication services and content for our customers all around the country. In this way, we are allowing widespread access to high-speed internet, advanced mobile services, and diverse and inclusive television content aimed at narrowing the social and economic gaps, while contributing to the economic and human capital development of Israeli society.

2022 in numbers:

1.7 million households in Israel today have access to fiber optic, reaching 2.7 million in the following years

Provided cellular services to more than 2.5 million subscribers, including 850 thousand subscribers for 5G services

Offered multichannel television services for more than 580 thousand subscribers and launched the fiber service

Provided advanced IT solutions for tens of thousands of businesses in cyber, data centers, public cloud and global telecommunications

Bridging the digital divide

To fulfill our vision of connecting Israel to a better future,
we invest heavily in bridging the digital divide and strengthening
the social fabric among diverse populations in Israel’s social and geographic periphery.

Partnership with Appleseeds NPO for digital equality

1,937 jobseekers from the Arab society and the ultra-Orthodox sector and 496 jobseekers over the age of 45 received technological training under the “UP” (unlimited potential) program

2,000 children and teenagers from the periphery received technology and leadership training participating in “Net@” youth movement

240 senior citizens received technological support and tools through the “Connected to Life” digital literacy workshops

5,014 technology-related inquiries were addressed in six languages through the “Stay Connected” help line

20 technology community centers were built over the years – the most recent opened last year in Bat Yam

11 graduates of the “Tech Support” technology-training program were hired at Bezeq

Adoption of the “Chaim Herzog”
High School in Holon

In 2022 Bezeq donated advanced communication services
worth over 3 million NIS to 343 NPOs

Part of the community


Bezeq employees donated more than 2,700 volunteer hours


Pelephone, yes, and Bezeq International TECH employees donated 503 volunteer hours during corporate responsibility week

Additional community projects worth mentioning

Pelephone’s call center volunteered fundraising for Holocaust survivors as part of a special broadcast on Channel 13

“Big Brother/Big Sister” project for children who are victims of violence, boycott, bullying, and loneliness

“Click for Friends” project for alleviating loneliness among Holocaust survivors

Free yes airtime for NPOs during holidays and free television subscriptions for survivors of domestic abuse

Providing Ukrainian refugees communication services by Pelephone and Bezeq International TECH and operating a hotline for the Jewish community in the conflict areas

115 children of Bezeq employees participated in more than 9,000 volunteer hours in the “Meaningful Summer” project

Creating responsible
and diverse original content

In yes-produced series and movies, we see great importance in showcasing adequate female representation, on screen and behind the scenes, and in broadcasting true-to-life characters serving as role models for youths.

Diversity and inclusion in yes series

In 88% of productions for children and youth, the main character is female

In 75% of drama series, a woman holds one of two leading roles

In 50% of drama series, a woman holds the leading role

Who Has Heard
of Hava and Nava

The two leading characters are women over the age of 60

The Secret Life
of Five-Year Olds

Children from across Israel’s social spectrum were cast

The Policeman’s

Ultra-Orthodox society is presented in a positive light


A main character is of Sudanese origin, played by Monica Joseph

Participation in ESG frameworks

Entry into the Maala Index and receiving a Platinum ranking (AA)

Members of the Valuable 500 initiative aiming to end disability exclusion

Joining the UN initiative Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs)

Carbon disclosure to the global CDP organization

Advancing equal, fair, and diverse employment

Striving for gender equality in management positions

Today, women hold 34% of management positions at Bezeq and 45% of management positions at Pelephone, yes, and Bezeq International TECH.

Supporting diverse and inclusive employment

About 15% of Bezeq employees and about 10% of yes employees are people with disabilities or belong to diverse populations.

Ensuring occupational safety

We reduced the number of work-related injuries at Bezeq
by 34% compared with the previous year


We increased the number of on-site safety inspections for technicians
and contract workers by 84% compared with the previous year


97% of Pelephone employees, 96% of yes employees, and 100% of Bezeq International TECH employees completed the safety tutorial in 2022.

of Pelephone employees, 96%
of yes employees, and
of Bezeq International TECH employees completed the safety tutorial in 2022.

Committed to combating climate change

Bezeq Group is committed to addressing climate and environmental issues, through an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders and in accordance with Israel’s national commitment to the Paris Agreement (2015). As a result, the Group set a Net-Zero goal by 2050.

We reduced our
electricity consumption

We reduced energy consumption in Bezeq Group
by 3.7% compared with 2021

(thousands of kWh)

We reduced our
carbon footprint

We reduced the Group’s carbon footprint
by 4.9% (in Scope 1-2) compared with 2021

[in CO2e tons]

We doubled the volume of
recycled electronic waste

We increased the volume of waste recycled
at the Bezeq Tech factory by 102% in 2020-2022

[in tons]

We switched to hybrid vehicles

We set up joint broadcasting sites

At Pelephone, we teamed up with other cellular
companies to reduce total energy consumption


Target for 2023

Excelling in customer service

To provide our customers with a convenient and innovative experience, we invest heavily in advancing the digitization and automation of customer service. We also work to make our sales and service channels accessible to diverse populations, such as the elderly, new immigrants, and people with disabilities.

Every year, our customers award us excellent scores in all service categories








Protecting children
from offensive content

The “Wi-Fi Kids” service, which Bezeq launched in 2022, provides safe browsing for children and protection against inappropriate content through the “Be” router. The service allows parents to set permitted browsing times for each child separately and to define a dedicated and separate profile for each device.
Pelephone, yes, and Bezeq International TECH provide filtering services for offensive content and adaptation of content for children.

Types of content blocked for children by parents:

* From Bezeq’s “Internet status report” for 2022

Securing information
and protecting user privacy

Cyber threats are growing steadily as daily routines and connections are increasingly integrated into the digital sphere. Bezeq Group companies invest a great deal of resources, including IT security programs that meet strict standards, advanced risk management technologies, and backup and recovery plans to provide all customers with a safe and private browsing experience.

Automatic protection
of the “Be” router

Looking towards the future: Bezeq Group ESG goals

By 2050, we will reduce greenhouse gas emissions to reach a net zero goal

By 2030, we will achieve full gender equality across management tiers, and at least 40% women on the Board of Directors

By 2030, we will increase representation of employees from diverse populations to 20%

At Bezeq Group, we believe that responsible conduct in all ESG areas is the basis for achieving the vision of connecting Israel to a better future, narrowing the digital divide between the center and the periphery, and creating a healthy, diverse and equitable environment for all of us.

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