Connecting Israel 
to a better future

We proudly present our Environmental, Social,
and Governance report for 2021

Before we dive in:
Our vision
Connecting Israel at record speed

At the beginning of 2021, Bezeq made a strategic decision to expand high-speed internet and fiber optics to cover all of Israel. An ambitious goal was set to reach one million households by the end of that year, which was already reached in November. After achieving this goal, Bezeq became the company that carried out the fastest deployment in the world

The fiber optic
project in numbers

Addressing the
climate crisis

Global climate change is a severe threat that requires significant action. We at Bezeq are committed to taking the steps necessary to reduce the carbon footprint of our activities in accordance with government goals and international standards. This is why we have set an ambitious goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions from the Company׳s activities by 2050

We reduced GHG emissions

In 2021, we reduced GHG emissions attributed to Bezeq’s activities by 6% compared with 2020 and 21% since measurement started in 2017

Bezeq’s GHG emissions in Scope 1-2 (TCO2e)

We reduced electricity consumption

Electricity consumption at Bezeq (thousands of kWh)

Bottom line:

Despite the increase in our activities, we reduced the Company’s electricity consumption by more than 7% in only two years

We reduced fuel consumption

Fuel consumption in the vehicle fleet

Bottom line:

We reduced gasoline consumption in our vehicle
fleet by more than 22%
in only two years

We increased the number
of hybrid vehicles

Trends in the company car fleet (number of vehicles)

Bottom line:

Within two years, we increased the number of hybrid vehicles in the company car fleet by tenfold. At the same time, we reduced the number of vehicles running on diesel by more than 50% and the number of vehicles running on gasoline by 20%

We reduced water consumption in the Company

Water consumption at Bezeq (cube)

* The numbers reported for previous years are different from the previous report due to a change in the calculation method.

Bottom line:

We reduced the Company’s water consumption
by more than 31% in two years

Responsible and fair employment

Responsible and fair employment is one of the cornerstones of the Group’s success. Accordingly, we cultivate honest, compassionate, and personal treatment for each of our 9,500 employees at Bezeq and its subsidiaries, from hiring to retiring

Wellbeing, professional development, and pride: everything that makes Bezeq a group that is good to work for

The group companies provide one of the most advanced and comprehensive welfare baskets in the country

An average of 51 hours of instruction and training in 2021 for each Bezeq employee

Thousands of Bezeq employees expressed pride in working for the Company and faith in its continued success in an internal survey in 2021

In 2021, 94% of Bezeq employees and 96% of the subsidiaries’ employees participated in feedback and performance evaluation

Happy employees provide excellent service

Bezeq, Israel’s leading communications group, invests its full attention and resources in providing its customers with a high-quality communication experience at the highest standards of innovation

Every year, customers award us an excellent score in all service categories

Sales center

Technical service center

199 Directory assistance

Technical service

Bottom line:

Surveys among private customers indicate increasing satisfaction with the service
of our technicians and the sales, customer service, and troubleshooting centers

Faster troubleshooting

The number of days for a technician’s visit for irregular malfunctions
(most malfunctions are addressed remotely)

Bottom line:

We reduced the time for handling malfunctions requiring
a technician’s visit at the customer’s home by 16%

Protecting the privacy of users and the network

Cyber threats are growing as more services and products become web-based. We aspire to be the most secure network and invest great effort in creating security systems for all customer services. Together with the subsidiaries, we developed leading cyber security capabilities

Bottom line:

In the past year, we stopped hundreds of millions of attempts to attack applications and infrastructure in the Company’s first security perimeters. We also intercepted thousands of attacks that required active real-time blocking and stopped hundreds of targeted attacks by hackers with advanced capabilities.

Community involvement

and narrowing the digital divide

Our ESG strategy supports the vision of digital equality. We work to realize the vision through collaborations with relevant social organizations to reinforce the social fabric while supporting populations in Israel’s social and geographical periphery. We also maintain strategic and long-term collaborations with social entities and initiatives

Appleseeds Academy

To create digital equality in Israel

Infrastructure as a donation

Community and society in the Bezeq group

Set up computer rooms in outlying areas

Donations to victims of terrorist attacks

"Click for Friends" project – digital literacy lessons for Holocaust victims

yes broadcasts for NPOs during holidays and free subscriptions for victims of domestic abuse

Group employees volunteered in diverse fundraising campaigns

Other donations to organizations nationwide

Looking ahead

For the first time, Bezeq sets actionable ESG goals in carbon emissions,
equality in representation of women, and employment equality

We will reach the target of net zero emissions by 2050

We will increase the representation of women in the Company’s management to 50% by 2030

We will double occupational diversity by integrating ultra-Orthodox, Arabs,
Israelis of Ethiopian descent, people with disabilities, and other underemployed populations by 2030

Bezeq believes that a company operating in compliance with ESG principles and investing not only in business results but also in its effect on the environment is ultimately a better, more stable, and healthier company. We are confident that together with other leading companies, we will make the State of Israel a better place for all of us

כאן יהיה תפריט :)